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I am pleased to announce that my first big book order arrived this week!  I now have a copy at the preschool; here’s a small fry enjoying Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker at the end of the day.  It feels just amazing to see a child enjoying my book 🙂


Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker will be released April 24, 2017.  Order from or Barnes and Noble.

This charming story was written to instil confidence in emerging readers. Children will enjoy Katie’s pancake adventure and cheer for golden fluffy pancakes!

Published by cynthiahm

I am a preschool teacher/music teacher who loves to take photos and write stories in her spare time. My dream is to become a published author. Follow my journey as I work towards turning my dream into a reality.

7 thoughts on “Relax and Read

  1. Congratulations! It’s an awesome feeling when you see you book in print or someone reading your book! 😃🐻


  2. Love the photo, Cindy. How wonderful to have your book so appreciated. I’m pleased to hear you have now received copies of your book and that it’s ready to order. I’m ordering mine now!


    1. Thank you Norah! I’m realizing how much it is about the readers for me. I get such pleasure out of knowing my book is being enjoyed. Hope you enjoy as well!!

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      1. Absolutely. As much as I enjoy the creative process, if the book sits on the shelf then it is a bit sad. Such a warm, happy feeling to see readers enjoying the book and to hear their reactions to the story as well.

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