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Yay! Yippee! Hooray!!!

Yesterday I received the proof copy of Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker!  It sure feels like a long journey to get to this point. I am excited and nervous for the book release.

Though it is possible to self publish without ordering the proof copy (I am first publishing through Ingram Spark), I would not advise anyone to skip this step.  There are several two page spread images in this book and the only way to see how it will come out is to have the physical copy.  We worked really hard to ensure that no important parts of the image would be obscured by the seam of the book and still, there are changes that will need to happen to ensure that the images are placed correctly on the page.  So as much as I want to put this book out there right now, mistakes must be fixed. And by the way, I found a punctuation error that I totally missed on the first three revisions… how does that happen! And so the time for final renewal  and revision is now.

It amazes me how we can go over it so many times and still find errors.  I am hopeful that with some final passes, the next proof copy can be approved and the book can be available for international distribution!  Woohoo!!

Pancake day is Tuesday February 28th this year so I hope this book will be out by then!

UPDATE The proof copy arrived the day before pancake day and is now approved so the expected release date will be April 2017.

Story Synopsis:

Katie is too young to use the stove so she dreams of making her very own pancakes. Join Katie and her friend Baxter in this fun story as they use a passion for collecting and building to find a way to realize Katie’s pancake dream!

This upbeat energetic tale with great potential for reading aloud will appeal to adults and young children alike. The book includes a predictable rhyme that will have children chiming in as the story unfolds. Children will celebrate with Katie and Baxter as their pancake dream becomes reality!

Published by cynthiahm

I am a preschool teacher/music teacher who loves to take photos and write stories in her spare time. My dream is to become a published author. Follow my journey as I work towards turning my dream into a reality.

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  1. Congratulations, Cindy! Those tricky last few errors that hide and, at the last moment, pop out and say “Boo!” Yes, it is great to check. You don’t want anything to diminish the value of the book you have worked so hard to create. Best wishes with its publication.


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