Working With a Book Designer


My first experience working with a book designer is something I’ve looked forward to for a long time. Now it is actually happening!

As a teacher, I had hoped to do a lot of this work over the summer but that just didn’t happen.  I admit, I got a lot of work done preparing the manuscript balanced with plenty of breaks for some fun in the sun but getting to the next stage proved to be impossible within my two months off.  And as you may have guessed, September is a busy month for most teachers, including yours truly.


I was so excited yesterday when I realized I actually had some time to do the edits!  Yay!  And then when I was about 75 percent finished, what happens?

Microsoft Word decides to inadvertently quite right as I am typing.

Was any of my work saved?  No, of course not.

This was the time for positive self-talk if there ever was one.  Don’t Panic.  I tell myself.  You will remember everything you just did, just start over.  Fortunately, the Aries in me kicked in and my stubborn determination actually did me some good.  And this time I just kept hitting save after each page until…

My edits were done!

After one more quick review today I’ve sent the edits off to the book designer!  Round one: done.  Yay!!

Round two edits… I’m ready for you this time!


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