Cynthia Mackey is a preschool teacher from Victoria, B.C. who has always loved children’s literature.  She loves reading to her class, taking them out in nature, and introducing them to creative pursuits like art and music.  Cynthia has been a member of SCBWI since 2015.  After years of reading stories to children, she is proud to have written and published her first picture book, Katie Shaeffer Pancake Maker.   Cynthia's next picture book, titled The Lullaby Monsters, will be released in 2020. img_2822

Paula Nasmith, also passionate about children’s literature, is responsible for the beautiful illustrations in the book. You can view more of her work at www.tinyvioletstudio.com

Release date: April 24, 2017

Five Star Review:

Love pancakes? You’ll love these!

on June 10, 2017
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A lovely story about ingenuity, cooperation, friendship and sharing. Katie badly wants to make pancakes but she’s not allowed in the kitchen. She won’t let that stop her though. From her collection of loose parts and other found objects, Katie and her new friend Baxter together build an amazing pancake making machine. It works so well it makes more pancakes than they can possibly eat. What can they do, but share them with neighbours and friends. If your little ones love pancakes, they’ll love this book by Cynthia Mackey.

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